About Us

About Us

Assuage Solutions offers a number of social care support packages including shared accommodation, individual supported accommodation. Packages include 121 support where needed, sleep-in staff, emergency respite, long term term accommodation and mentoring services for young people’s own accommodation.

Our ultimate aim for our 16+ Young People support packages is to enable them to live independently; to sustain their own tenancy and be a responsible member of the community, while achieving their dreams. Our ethos is ‘promoting wellbeing and independence’.

Based in Lincolnshire, Assuage Solutions provides warm, caring, family style supported living  for Children in Care and Care Leavers with emotional, learning, social and behavioral difficulties who for whatever reason are unable to live with their family. Young people placed in our homes may be at risk of absconding, sexual exploitation, offending behaviours, non-engagement in education, self-harming behaviours and may in their past have been subjects of/witnesses to physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence. We also understand that they may have had numerous placement breakdowns in the past, come from a failed fostering and adoption or living with Assuage Solutions may be  their first care placement.

We work with statutory bodies

We work with statutory bodies, parents and others with parental responsibility to assist our young people to develop their self-care and independent living skills, self-reliance and decision making appropriate to their age and encourage opportunities to gain independence.

We have worked tirelessly to develop our services to achieve the best possible outcomes young people. Our practice within our homes and principles within our daily interactions are embedded in other recognised approaches such as restorative practice, strength based practice, task-centred practice, crisis intervention, creative care planning and child focused individual care pathways. Our 16+ service aims to provide a positive experience for young people as they grow and develop into young adults. In doing so we provide opportunities to nurture basic life skills and knowledge that they’ll need in order to be able to live fully independently.

Assuage Solutions are able to provide support with accessing education and training. We aim to support to rebuild the lives of vulnerable young people, promoting their wellbeing and promoting their independence skills.

To request a copy of our Statement of Purpose, please call our team on 07598866169 or email us at info@assuagesolutions.co.uk


Assuage Solutions recognises the obstacles and challenges that face young people as they prepare to leave local authority care and make transition into independence and adulthood.

We believe that providing young people with positive role models and empathetic, dedicated experienced Keyworkers, we can equip them with the independent living skills required to thrive in the wider community.

We will specifically focus our work with young people in the following areas:

  • Providing good quality accommodation which is furnished, decorated and well maintained
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Home Care Skills (e.g. Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning)
  • Accessing/Managing Education/Training or Work
  • Challenging anti-social behaviour
  • Managing healthy relationships
  • Self care skills
  • Overcoming boredom and isolation
  • Self identity

At Assuage Solutions we know that many care leavers have experienced trauma in their lives. Moreover, we recognize that they will make mistakes as we all do. Our organization is fully committed to working with young people in times of both calm and crisis, to allow them every opportunity to fulfill their potential as young adults.

independence and adulthood.


Assuage Solutions is committed to helping young people who are moving towards making the transition to independent living. This is managed Support is provided by a strong experienced staff team, we recruit staff from a variety of backgrounds including charities, prison, probation, social services, youth, education and care sectors, who believe in and can relate to young people, focusing on offering support, safeguarding and helping them to raise aspirations.

We operate a ‘safer recruitment’ policy with robust procedures in place including having an enhanced DBS checks (renewed every three years).

Staff training

Our induction training is comprehensive, it is run on a rolling training schedule virtually via ‘zoom’ and is delivered by an industry expert. All our staff are all enrolled on Care Skills which provides a number of CPD accredited courses that are relevant in ensuring our staff are equipped to meet the needs of our young people.

Training Courses include:

  • Safeguarding children
  • Health and Safety
  • First aid
  • GDPR
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Safer caring and allegations
  • Recording and evidencing
  • Equality and diversity
  • Working with Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children (UASC)
  • Independent living skills
  • Self-harm/ligatures
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • ADHD and Autism awareness
  • Mental Health
  • Internet safety

In addition, throughout the year we deliver specific elements of safeguarding such as ‘Prevent’ (vulnerability to radicalization/terrorism, child sexual exploitation (CSE), child criminal exploitation (CCE) and trafficking).  This is delivered by our Safeguarding Lead.. Other bespoke training is identified through regular supervision and according to any ‘special’ needs of young people we support e.g. attachment disorders, Foetal Alcohol Disorder Syndrome etc.

Prior to being matched to commencing work with us, staff undertake at least 1 week on a ‘shadow shifts’ with an experienced staff member where young people have an opportunity to meet the staff member and can feedback on staff suitability.

At Assuage it is our aim that our staff workplans relate to placement plan outcomes for our young people.

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