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Supported Living 16+
Supported Living
Supported Living

Supported Living 16+

We have worked tirelessly to develop our services to achieve the best possible outcomes young people. Our practice within our homes and principles within our daily interactions are embedded in other recognised approaches such as restorative practice, task-centred practice, crisis intervention, creative care planning and child focused individual care pathways.

Our ultimate aim for our 16+ Young People is to enable them to live totally independently; to sustain their own tenancy and be a responsible member of the community, while achieving their dreams. Our ethos is ‘promoting well being and independence’.

We provide supported living placements for young people aged 16 and over. Our main aim is to provide safe and high quality accommodation in which our young people can develop and enhance their independent skills. We aim to support young people in their transition from childhood to adulthood promoting independence skills and improving wellbeing. Therefore supporting Local Authorities to meet their obligations, particularly to children in care and care leavers within their area.

Assuage Solutions provides a nurturing, supportive environment for young people transitioning to independent adult living. We undertake a complete assessment for each young person to determine their abilities to provide an individual plan to develop independence, access further learning and to support young people to reach their goals and aspirations as they prepare for adult living. Our supported living service provides solutions including sole and multiple occupancy accommodation for young people who are able to live independently with support.  We provide a bespoke package of support dependent on the individual’s needs.

Our Supported Living service provides accommodation in a family style home alongside other young people, all ready to live independently with support. 

Our Supported Living service includes:

  • Bespoke care packages and support hours dependent on individual needs
  • Support to register with local health providers
  • Support in accessing education, employment and training
  • Accommodation which is furnished, decorated and maintained to a high standard
  • 24 hour support available with all our accommodation
  • Support with future housing
  • Support with budgeting skills and finances
  • Access to advocacy services

Assuage Solutions employs a team of Support Workers who support the young people in our supported living homes to develop the practical and emotional skills required to live independently, promote their wellbeing and reach their full potential.

Our Ethos:

  • We are committed and do not give up on young people
  • We are nurturing and compassionate in our approach
  • We are person centred and needs led in our service provision
  • We are flexible to accommodate individuals needs

Unaccompanied Children

  • Unaccompanied children are amongst the most vulnerable in the country. They have often lived through years of trauma and arrive profoundly affected by what they have witnessed.
  • Many face great uncertainty and are surviving in an unfamiliar environment and culture, with strange habits, rules and language.
  • They find themselves alone and in need of care, protection, and support to deal with the effects of severe trauma and mental health issues.
  • At Assuage we undertake assessments to recognise and understand the individual child/young person’s needs to form a programme of intensive work. These determine psychological and/or emotional impact of experiences as an unaccompanied child.
  • Assessments will also include the child’s needs in relation to their health, disability, education, legal requirements, religious beliefs, racial origin, culture and linguistic background.
  • We work with multi agencies and experts to provide therapeutic input to support, empower them to achieve, provide continuity of care and safe accommodation to promote stability.

Independent Return Home Interviews

Helping missing children and young people

When a child or young person goes missing it is can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Therefore it is important to understand why due to them being vulnerable and likely at risk of harm and possible exploitation. We provide support to children, young people and the people who care about them to prevent it from happening again. Most of the young people we work with are children in care or on the edge of the care system.

Reducing the number of missing children/young people

Young people can be reluctant to speak to anyone official when they return from being missing. In other instances, they may not realise that they are technically missing and that people are worried about them. Young people tend to worry that they may get in trouble for running away, even though the adults around them just want to make sure they are safe and unhurt. Our support can help a young person stay in contact with those who care about them.

Assuage Solutions Independent Return Home Interview Service provides safe opportunities for young people to be heard.  We conduct Independent Return Home Interviews to find out any harm they may have suffered whilst missing and work with them to identify any on-going risks to their well-being. Being a neutral party, young people feel more comfortable talking to us and sharing the reasons why they ran away. We provide independent face-to-face support and are able to support with putting an action plan in place. Our reflective, listening approach helps young people to stay safe and reduce their risk of harm.

Return Home Interviews
Why do children run away
Why do children run away/go missing from home, care or education?

Our Independent Return Home Interview services help young people to make safer choices  by giving young person a trusted adult they can talk with and explore their needs with. Fear of consequences can mean that young people may be reluctant to speak to the adults and professionals around them. They worry they might get into trouble and this could mean they stay away from home or don’t get in contact with others. As an experienced independent party, young people can feel more comfortable talking to us and sharing the reasons why they go missing. Our return home service will help minimise and mitigate potential risks to missing children and keep them safe.

Some young people who go missing are being exploited or being groomed for exploitation. Usually young people do not recognise that they are being exploited. If it is the first time they have experienced these issues they may feel scared and want a way out but don’t know how to ask for help. Young people may not feel comfortable talking to people at home or professional about the problems they face.

We conduct Independent Return Home Interviews to understand children and young people’s direct experiences of events leading up to and during missing periods. We support them to identify risky actions and patterns of behaviour that could impact their well-being and support them to access community and statutory services to help them meet their challenges in a safer way.

We provide independent face-to-face support, we work with young people and the professional network to put an action plan in place including contributing in multi-agency risk assessment. There are lots of reasons why young people run away. Sometimes young people are facing problems with their caregivers, or are targeted for exploitation. We understand the sensitivity of young people’s experiences and the importance of establishing trusted relationships through respectful high impact interventions. We work with young people and those who care about them to create actions plans to help mitigate risks and highlight issues that may make young people feel like they can’t come home.

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